Friday, June 14, 2013

A Story

It's almost been a year since our precious Jordyn was born! I can't believe it! It seems I blinked and a year passed. I did not intend to wait so long to write down the story of Jordyn's birth but that's what happened. :)
So, here it is:

I was due July 22, 2012. Unlike my past two pregnancies, I hadn't had any braxton hicks contractions up to my 38 week appointment, which was on a Monday, and I was surprised that I had progressed a little without knowing it. The next Wednesday I began having contractions and they would last about an hour. Although they weren't very regular, I would think "This is it!" and would get my hopes up! This went on a couple times a day and even in the middle of the night until my next appointment. UGH! Needless to say by my 39 week appointment I was one tired mama, ready for this baby to arrive. I had never had false labor before and it was wearing me out. I was also positive for Group B which was different from my previous pregnancies, so I was concerned about how that would work out since I needed to be on antibiotics for 4 hours before the baby was born. So, I convinced Jake to come with me to my 39 week appointment and the plan was we would talk my Doctor into inducing me.
I told my Doctor about all of my false labor and lack of sleep. My Doctor checked me and at first said there wasn't much change from the previous week. My heart sank. He then asked if I'd like him to strip my membranes, I said Yes. He did that. Then he said I'm sure you'll go into labor in the next few hours or so. Call me when you head to the hospital. I reminded him that I was Group B positive and asked how that would work. He took a minute to think and then said to us let's call over to the hospital and see how busy labor and delivery is this morning. I started to get excited but I was trying to contain it just in case. The labor and delivery staff said they weren't too busy and to send me over! Oh my goodness, this was it! We were having this baby that day! I was so happy! So we drove over to the hospital, went up to labor and delivery and checked in. They hooked me up to the monitors and I was having contractions, they just weren't very strong or regular. They also hooked up the antibiotics and fluids. We called my mom and she came to the hospital. Once my antibiotics had been going for a while they asked if I was going to get an epidural, that would be a YES. They gave me the epidural before they started pitocin, so that the anesthesiologist wouldn't be in a c-section when I started having pain and wanted the epidural. That was pretty sweet of my nurses! So, my mom, Jake and I chatted and watched HGTV and watched the monitors. At some point my water broke, whether on its own or because the nurses did it I can't remember. But as we watched the monitor we became confused because instead of my contractions making mountains on the monitor my contractions looked like valleys, so we asked the nurse. She adjusted the monitors and then it corrected itself on the print out. I then started to notice that the baby's heart rate would drop with the increase of the contractions. This made me worried. I called the nurse in again and told her I was concerned about the baby's heart rate. She told me everything was fine because the baby's heart rate came right back to normal after the contraction was over. I still wasn't too comfortable with the baby's heart rate dipping. So the nurse agreed to check me. Well, it was time to push. They had me do a couple practice pushes and just like with my other babies the nurses were like oh stop we have to get the room set up and prepped for the Doctor. I am a good pusher. :) Anyway, they paged my Doctor and got the room prepped. My Doctor arrived, we pushed and when her head was out the Doctor said "Sorry Dad you don't get to cut the umbilical cord, the cord is around the baby's neck." Yikes! I kind of freaked out a little. That explained the heart rate dropping with the contractions and I suspected that the cord was around her neck. But he cut the cord and while he was taking care of that Jake says to me "Her eyes are open already!" She was ready to greet this new world. Then out came our beautiful baby girl. She laid on my chest wide eyed and staring at us. It was incredible!
She was born on July 16, 2012. She weighed 8 pounds and was 20 inches long.
We had originally picked out a different name for her but as I held her in my arms and tried to call her by this name no words came out. It was if I physically couldn't speak that name to her. I instantly knew this was not her name. Now, imagine just giving birth all the energy and emotion and hormones and now you don't know what to call this new person in your life. I really started freaking out. Jake says I looked at him and my eyes were wide and I just said "I can't call her that, that's not her name." Jake was so good, like he always is and calmly told me it was ok, we would figure it out. We had chosen her middle name because it was a name I had wanted for a daughter since High School. He said what about Jordyn as her first name instead of her middle name. I looked down at this bright eyed newborn and thought the name in my mind first and then greeted her "Hi  Jordyn." That was it, that was her name. Jake then said what do you think of Elise as her middle name. I loved it instantly. And so she was named Jordyn Elise. And we couldn't have been happier in that moment. We are still not sure why Elise came to Jake's mind because it wasn't a name we had talked about before but I believe we were blessed to be given her name at that time from Heavenly Father.
Here are some pictures from that wonderful day:

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Emily said...

Hi Lacey,

I couldn't get into your blog for awhile. Congratulations on your third baby. She was an adorable new born. I'm glad you guys are all doing well. It's always fun to check in on old friends to see where life has taken them.